My work explores the experiences of inhabiting spaces and landscapes, whether the built environment or the natural world. I take inspiration from source material ranging from maps of the cosmos, aerial photographs, memories of places I have lived, landscape plans, light filtering through windows, interestingly-shaped shadows, unusual architectural fragments, and views of the earth through the window of an airplane as it inches toward the ground. I travel across media and through scales ranging from intimate to immersive, often working at multiple scales within a single piece. Everything—from a small drawing to a large-scale installation—is in dialogue with the place in which it is installed. Often, I address the hidden stories of these places through medium, subject matter, or both. These memories and influences are melded together as if in a kaleidoscope and re-emerge as drawings, paintings, and large-scale installations.  

I was raised and educated in New England and have lived in large cities and small towns, both in the US and abroad. I find that each place to which I travel informs my work. I maintain an active exhibition record in traditional settings such as galleries and museums as well as less-traditional ones such as botanical gardens and zoos. I have lived and worked around the country and internationally, and find that each place leaves an indelible imprint on my work.

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